☾ battle of the modernized disney princesses ☽

☾ battle of the modernized disney princesses ☽

Auditions for Battle of the Modernized Disney Princesses are CLOSED
Battle of the Disney Dream Cast - COMPLETED as of July 2015
Battle of the Disney Dream Cast | Season Two - COMPLETED as of June 2016
Battle of the Modernized Disney Princesses - COMPLETED as of November 2016
☾ battle of the modernized disney princesses ☽
☾ group mod : @d-lirium
☾ group tag : #botmdp
☾ battle collection :;

O1. @this-girl-on-fire | rapunzel | jennifer lawrence | 865
O2. @morningstar1399 | belle | keira knightley | 810
O3. @heymisstm | eugene | colin o'donoghue | 495
O4. @trulydear | megara | anna kendricks | 550
O5. @holly-the-fangirl | maid marian | bonnie wright | 360
O6. @nika-love | tiana | rihanna | 795
O7. @mermaidk | ariel | ariel winter | 240
O8. @chocomimicol | wendy | freya tingley | 585
O9. @laniocracy | elsa | scarlett johansson | 600
1O. @bainidhe | aurora | emma roberts | 185
11. @bambolinadicarta | merida | lily cole | 450
12. @kwiatekmarek | belle | lea michele | 760
13. @ohheyitsgrace | snow white | adelaide kane | 605
14. @agirlthatfellinlovewithnumberten | esmeralda | milla jovovich | 445
15. @asktheravens | alice | elle fanning | 650
16. @misssally | cinderella | carrie underwood | 735
17. @hazeleyebeauty | rapunzel | annasophia robb | 110 | [initiate r6]
18. @kwiatekmarek | belle | lea michele | 530
19. @evenifwecantfindheaven | rapunzel | sabrina carpenter | 640
2O. @miss-scarlet-wxtch | cinderella | elizabeth olsen | 280
21. @snh3539 | ariel | sophie turner | 545
22. @sylviamccordle | cinderella | mia wasikowska | 805
23. @togetherforever713 | rapunzel | willow shields | 500





☾ taglist ☽
@this-girl-on-fire [ chloe ]
@morningstar1399 [ danielle ]
@heymisstm [ tara ]
@trulydear [ dear ]
@holly-the-fangirl [ holly ]
@nika-love [ nika ]
@chocomimicol [ colette ]
@laniocracy [ lani ]
@bambolinadicarta [ veronica ]
@asktheravens [ anna ]
@evenifwecantfindheaven [ hannah ]
@miss-scarlet-wxtch [ lisa ]
@snh3539 [ sammi ]
@sylviamccordle [ marie ]
@misssally [ sally ]
@bainidhe [ rosie ]
@mermaidk [ kary ]
@agirlthatfellinlovewithnumberten [ amelia ]
@kwiatekmarek [ anna ]
@ohheyitsgrace [ grace ]
@togetherforever713 [ mckenna ]
@hazeleyebeauty [ hazeleyebeauty ]
♛ others
✂ name | date of absence | contest of missed participation
✂ name | date of absence | contest of missed participation
✂ name | date of absence | contest of missed participation



[those eliminated]
@irtis | marie | esme wissels | 115 | xxx
@oldlizmar | elsa | iskra lawrence | 100 | xxx
@wickedelsa | rapunzel | ashley benson | 100 | xxx
@sgeorgas | merida | rachel lefevre | 195 | xxx

@btwfoxes | tinkerbell | freya mavor | 465
@hellokayli | ariel | holland roden | 355 | x
PM me if you have any questions :)
♕ h a l l . o f . f a m e ♕
♛ battle of the disney dreamcast season 1
✂ individual first :; @snh3539
✂ team first :; team star [ @dashingpirate @ruth127 @delusionsbybonnie @snh3539 ]
♛ battle of the disney dreamcast | season 2
✂ individual first :; @heymisstm
✂ team first :; DREAMER [ @heymisstm / @laniocracy / @evil-queen-of-isolation ]
✂ 2 individual runner-ups :; @laniocracy, @this-girl-on-fire
✂ team second :; KRONE+CRYSTAL [ @adribenavides / @marylinopen / @bainidhe / @delusionsbybonnie / @theresmarie16 ]
☾ battle of the modernized disney princesses ☽
✂ first place :; @this-girl-on-fire
✂ first runner-up :; @morningstar1339
✂ second runner-up :; @sylviamccordle



created on 18. 12. 2016
Auditions [x] Open [] Closed [] PM Only

plural noun: heirlooms
a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations.

// P L O T //


1662-47: Johann Philipp von Schönborn was elected prince-bishop of Würzburg and archbishop-elector of Mainz. Praised as “the Wise” and the “German Solomon”, Johann begun the revered “Schönbornzeit era” popularly recalled as the age of prosperity.
Under the leadership of Johann von Schönborn, a minor German nobility was raised to become one of the most prominent powers of the Holy Roman Empire, second only to the royal family and the authority of the Emperor himself.
1717: the Schönborn Family was split into two lines- the Schönborn-Heusenstamm and the Schönborn-Wiesentheid.
The Schönborn-Wiesentheid line became powerful Archdukes under the reign of Maria Theresa and retained their traditional control over the Southern German provinces, Bavaria and various provinces of Central Europe.
Schönborn-Heusenstamm line chose a different fate. Seeing potential in a young Russian prince, they sponsored his travels and stay to Vienna and London. He would go on to become Peter the Great, the founder of the Romanov Dynasty of Russia. He would offer them his aid and protection, giving them refuge and an esteemed position in his court.
1776: The British Empire looses the American war of independence
1789: The French Revolution changed the fate of the entire continent, creating an atmosphere of fear and insecurity among the European nobility. No empire or monarch was spared.
1815: The treaty at the Congress of Vienna declared the end of the Napoelonic wars. The face of Europe had changed entirely.
1778-1830: Prince Nikolai Yusupov served as a senator, diplomat, Actual Civil Councillor, Minister of State Properties, a member of the Council of State and Director of Imperial Theatres, (under Catherine the Great, Paul I and Alexander I), director of the Hermitage, the Kremlin Armoury, and the state porcelain and glass factories.
A patron of the arts and a keen traveler, he spoke five languages and corresponded with Voltaire. As a diplomat, Prince Nikolai travelled throughout Europe, to France and Versailles, where he met Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, to Germany and Prussia, where he met Frederick the Great, to Austria, where he met Emperor Joseph II, and to Italy. During his journey he purchased a large collection of art for the tsar, acting as a mediator between the tsars and European artists.
1814-30: Bourbon Restoration under Louis XVII and Charles X.
1848: The Hapsburg Empire began to crumble, experiencing uprisings in every major city.
1839-60: The Opium Wars in China allow British/American interests to enter East Asia, leading to the expansion of colonial and imperial interests.
1865: American Civil War comes to an end
1871: Paris Commune threatens the monarchs and empires of Europe and the world, signaling the fall of the Bourbons once again
Germany officially breaks off from the Hapsburg Empire, establishing its own sovereign country

1904: Japan defeats Russia in the Russo-Japanese War
1914: The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand results in World War 1
1917: The Russian Revolution begins, leading to a large number of nobility and royalists to emigrate to other European countries
1918: The Treaty of Versailles is signed, officially marking the fall of the Hapsburg and Romanov Empires.
1939-45: World War 2
1954-91: The Cold War
---- x -----
Welcome to 2017.
After a series of “salon diplomacy”, royalists are back in Europe, advocating for their restoration in France, Austria and Russia in particular. With marriage and trade alliances, they have unified their interests together along with other people that share their sentiments under Baroness Valeria Schönborn- Yusupov and her husband Vincent Schönborn- Yusupov (nee Jaeger).
Their sentiments are opposed passionately by the Wiesentheid Collective comprising of democrats, communists and all those who oppose the royalist restoration across Europe and have quite a popular following across the continent for fairly obvious reasons.
Today, this disagreement is no longer isolated to the saloons and bars of infamous socialites. It affects the entire globe and as a result of this, the situation has become far too intense, especially after Baroness Valeria’s rejection of Victor Bennett’s marriage proposal, antagonizing the situation even further. Therefore, no one is spared anymore, especially not the children.
And on that note, welcome to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Nestled away in expansive stretches of thick forests lies the port city of Yarmouth. With a rich maritime culture, Yarmouth is known to be one of the largest Lobster capitals of the world. But despite that, it does have its own charms. It really does grow on you.
But Yarmouth's greatest selling point aren't its delicious lobsters. It's privacy- absolute privacy. Due to various "accidents", Europe may be culturally overwhelming and superior, but it is no longer safe. Far too many "coincidences" have happened. As a result of that, the children are usually sent away to Yarmouth for safety where they are declared non-combatants officially. Any attempt on their lives in Yarmouth is a direct deceleration of war- a risk no one is willing to take.
Therefore, Yarmouth offers safety and privacy like no other place on the Western Hemisphere could hope to do. And here, there are no divides- just a selection of bored, youthful individuals who really have far too much energy and time on their hands.


The Royalists:
The Wiesentheid Collective: tba
Additional Information:
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia:
Audition Template:
The Pre-Made Characters:
SIde Characters/ NPCs:
The Accepted Characters:





- Frida Gustavsson
- Birdy
- Max Krieger
- Jenna Louise Coleman
- Matthew Booth
- Tyler Hoechlin
- Ian Nelson
- Lily Collins
- Ashley Green
- Emma Roberts
- Holland Roden
- Grant Gustin



- This is a story-rp group.
- Rated R, + 18. You must be okay with sex, drugs, death, violence and blood.
- Please try to have an equal amount of male and female characters
- The pre-made characters are of a first come, first serve basis.
- You may create your own characters as well. There is no limit to the number of characters you can have, as long as you can commit to their activity.
- Try not to go for Disney/site models. Please try to include POCs, and plus-sized models as well. I envision the characters to be aged from 7-25, and if any one needs help with models, I'll do my best to help you out.
- Please try to be as descriptive as possible.
- Please be active! I really like this idea and I would hate to see it fail.
- Feel free to ask me any questions you may have
- Please feel free message the mods if you have any questions/suggestions/ideas/comments



❝ A lot of you cared, just not enough. ❞
A month ago, one of the graduating seniors of Roswell High School passed away. A month ago, even after her death, rumors still lived on for her name. A month ago, everyone who knew her and had done her wrong took a deep breath of relaxation. Their wrong doings would no longer haunt them.
Or so they thought.
Until a set of CDs are released, with thirteen people's names recorded on the disks. And these thirteen people are the supposed reasons behind her death.
These thirteen people's stories are connected, one by one, and they are to pass them on to each other after they are done listening. And there's a looming threat if they fail to listen: there is a second set of CDs, held by one of their members of their class that will be released to the public if they fail.
But to add a cherry on top - there's a new blog, claiming to be the dead girl's "messenger", and secrets, so they say, will come to the light.
So, like they say: trust no one.
Because after all, if no one saw the body, how do we know that dead girl is dead after all?
- Be descriptive.
- Keep drama inside the group.
- This group is rated r for the topics it covers.
- If you are sensitive to topics such as murder, r.ape, drinking, ect, then this may not be the group for you.
- Your fc must appear to be 16+
- Please make your character unique. Please don’t just use the same old character you use for every roleplay. Use models of different races as well.
- The town this takes place is very fancy yet old, so this rp is a bit like high fashion.
- No Disney or Nick fcs
- You must try to play with ALL characters
- You must double, six characters max. One girl for every boy.
- This rp is like Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. You don't have to know about either of these shows nor the book.
- Feel free to create an adult, but be careful how you do so.
- If you have any ideas, let me know!
+ roles --
+ finished auditions --
+ the town ---
+ the blog -- // password is hannahbanana
+ the audition template --
+ book synopsis --
-- @grantsolo [ mod ]
-- @bff6096-rose
-- @gabby-hulin
-- @the-ravenclaw-princes
-- @lightyears-away
-- @the-annoying-fangirl
-- @secrets-kisses-lies-xo
-- @katrenakearns
-- @chit-chat
-- @greekmythgeek
-- @morningstar1399
-- @randomfandom2022
-- @animequeen-15
-- @heartless241
-- taylor marie hill
-- gigi hadid
-- theo james
-- taron egerton
-- kaya scodelario
-- ben barnes
-- michael clifford
-- gina rodriguez
-- alexis ren
-- franscisco lachowski
-- matthew bell
-- sasha kichigina
-- karlie kloss
-- sean o'pry
-- zendaya
-- reece king
-- sabrina carpenter
-- tyler posey
-- teresa palmer
-- luke hemmings
-- perrie edwards
-- ashton irwin
-- katherine mcnamara
-- matthew daddario
-- scarlette leithold
-- sean o' donnel
-- maia mitchell
-- cole sprouse
-- georgie henley
-- charlie rowe
-- maisie williams
-- mason dye
-- daria sidorchuk
-- lucas till
-- dylan o'brian
-- sarah bolger
-- calum hood
-- shannon taylor

Battle of the Elements

Battle of the Elements

Welcome to Battle of the Elements!
*Auditions for Season 2 CLOSED*
~~~ Hall of Fame ~~~
Teams will compete as the 4 elements, Earth, Air, Fire & Water!
10 contest rounds of 2 weeks each will determine a winning team and three grand champion finalists.
Contests will be based on the Elements, and feature themes like Personification, Textures, Mythology, ect. so there will be lots of opportunity for creative freedom!
1st place:
A choice of requested collection or requested set by me & a place in the hall of fame.
2nd place:
Hall of fame, plus a choice of Icon or requested set by me.
3rd place:
Hall of fame.

Audition form:

- @lillian-pandola ~ 210 points
- @barryallxn
- @erbodd ~ 210 points
- @montse-gallardo ~ 200 points
- @jesssilva ~ 50 points
- @homeschoolcool ~ 45 points
- @sylviamccordle ~ 260 points
- @nerd-ville ~ 130 points
- @anna-nemesis ~ 185 points
- @auntiewhispers ~ 45 points
- @oceanicinsomniac ~ 265 points
- @i-am-the-random-queen ~ 185 points
- @ ~ 45 points
- @assymi ~ 175 points
- ~ 70 points
- @elmheart1019 ~ 255 points
- @dashingpirate ~ 260 points
- @annashreder ~ 200 points
- @amarie104 ~ 260 points
- @asktheravens ~ 280 points
- @kate7695 ~ 200 points
- @morningstar1399 ~ 230 points
- ~50 points
- @is-rid ~ 200 points
No copying/templates/rudeness, be original and have fun!
Points Chart:
1st: 30 ~ 2nd: 25 ~ 3rd: 20
4th: 15 ~ 5th: 15 ~ 6th: 10
7th: 10 ~ 8th: 10 ~ 9th: 10
10th: 10 ~ 11th: 10 ~ 12th: 10
{Plus bonus points detailed in example sets}
~~~Season 1~~~
Fire ~ 830/ Water ~ 1225/ Earth ~ 1460/ Air ~ 910
{1st} @dashingpirate ~ 280 points
{2nd} @greenfeels ~ 270 points
{3rd} @kate7695 ~ 265 points
Winning Team:
Earth with 1460 points



If you love style and expressing your sense of fashion- this group was made for you!
Contest, all kinds of sets, fab ideas and postitive feedback!
Enjoy! Xx

- ̗̀  p o l y v o r e • favorites  ̖́-

- ̗̀ p o l y v o r e • favorites ̖́-

― submit any set you want, whenever you want! OPEN GROUP, frequent contests, please enjoy.
( est. october fourteenth, twenty-sixteen )

The Selection Prince Matthew (A Battle Group)

The Selection Prince Matthew (A Battle Group)

Auditions [] open [x] closed ALL SPOTS FILLED
About the Group: Congratulations, and welcome to the Selection! You are one of the lucky Daughters of Illéa, aged 16-20, who have been chosen to compete for the heart of Prince Matthew Schreave. Starting from the 3rd contest onward, those with the lowest amount of points will be eliminated. The number of girls per elimination may vary, but it is necessary. Also know that eliminations will not be solely based on points. Eliminations are also going to be based on activeness, and as the group progresses, your OC connection to Matthew.
This battle group is based off of the Selection series by Kiera Cass. If you haven't read the books, don't worry that doesn't really matter, and you'll be fine.
1. Be respectful to everyone in the group
2. Be original, don't copy other members sets, stories or characters
3. Keep sets and stories around the PG-13 range. If you aren't sure where something may fall message me and I will give you a go ahead if it's alright.
Rounds: Each round will last two weeks. If extensions are needed I will give out one one week extension, and then after that one three day extension if it is still needed. After that there will be no extensions. I want to keep the group moving, and taking nearly four weeks for a contest isn't fun for anyone. Story deadlines will be different from the set deadline. Those deadlines will be determined before the end of the contest.
Eliminations: Eliminations will begin at the end of the 3rd round. If you have a low amount of points you will be at risk for elimination. As the group progresses eliminations will also be based on activeness, set and story making/writing ability, and your OC's relationship with the prince.
Audition Template:
Meet Prince Matthew:
Meet the Royal Family:
Bonus Point Opportunities:

The Selected:
1. Dear- Jordan Durand-2-Kent-(@trulydear)- +565 points
2. Fionna-Elizabeth "Lizzie" Prosper-5-Midston-(@fiohelston)-+555 points
3. Nika- Mary Rose Daniels-2-Bonita-(@nika-love)- +525 points
4. Phoebe-Elise Hughes-2-Hudson-(@harnix)-+515 points
5. Phae-Yasmin Ethera-4-Bankston-(@phaedra-solaris)-+510 points
6. Stilinski-Rosemarie "Rose" Paige-5-Atlin-(@bloodystilinski)-+500 points
7. Danielle- Areine Mae Dimmesdale-5-Hansport-(@morningstar1399)-+485 points
8. Winter-Cressida "Ida" Churchill-3-(@magicandmayhem)- +479 points
9. Peyton- Skylar Higgins-2-Waverly-(@peytonparker18)- +475 points
10. Neisha-Iris Kingsley-2-Tammins-(@clarylightwood)-+475 points
11. Char- Lydia Alaska Sanders-3-Ottaro-(@secrets-kisses-lies-xo)-+465 points
12. Beth-Shioh Faye Fredrick- 5-Angeles-(@forver-young0001)- +450 points
13. Annie- Cadence "Cady" Cowan-3-Allens- (@animationchic)- +399 points
14. Ameyzinha- Evanora Samantha Yale-4-Sumner-(@ameyzinha)-+399 points
15. Lettie-Siobhan Byrne-3-Dakota-(@questing-witch)-+394 points
16. Amy-Magdalane Kopaska-6-Sota-(@amyt1700)-+370 points
17. Rosie-Devon Gallagher-6-Clermont-(@bainidhe)-+368 points

1. Maddie- Katria Cassidy-3-Fennley-(@greekmythgeek)
2. Lexi- Alexandria Reali-2-Baffin-(@punkette123)
3. Glimmer- Alyson "Ally" Holocomb-2-Whites- (@fabulously-awesome7)
4. Ineo- Ivory Khanstein-2-Dominica- (@ounceuponascreen)
5. Mara- Winnifred "Winnie" Driver-6- Columbia- (@puckleberryslusy)
6. Angela- Lowen Overtoom-2-Sonage- (@the-ravenclaw-princes)
7. Anna- Grace Fulsom-3- St. George- (@series-ofdoors)
8. Rhiannon- Regina Ravenclaw-5-Belcourt- (@hobbitlover-2012)
9. Anna-Alexandria Darkon-Blackwell-6-Zuni-(@trxpped-in-insxnity)
10. Angela- Anmarie Fennry-6-Denbeigh-(@mysterious-gal)
11. Tori-Jesse Delfino-5-Calgary-(@crazyaboutbooks1309)
12. Shelby-Courage Cassidy-4-Lakedon-(@gracedwithstyle)
13. Ella-Daphne Parker-3-Likely-(@queen-ella)
14. Hannah- Diana Galanos-3-Labrador-(@c-apsicle)
15. fangirlinc-Ella Sinclair-7-Yukon-(@fangirlinc)
16. Ali-Elena Argon-6-Panama-(@i-love-cassandra-clare)
17. Amanda-Florentina Rivera-Castillo-5-Paloma-(@lycanthrope-misanthrope)
18. Spray- California Ramon-5-Honduragua-(@pookie-0115)

Taken Faceclaims:
Emmy Rossum- Princess Amelia
Hailee Steinfeld- Princess Abi
Sandra Bullock- Queen Philippa
Dave Franco- Prince Matthew
Leonardo DiCaprio- King Edmund
Ruth Negga- Cressida Churchill (@magicandmayhem)
Natalie Domer- Diana Galanos (@c-apsicle)
Cara Delevigne- Ivory Khanstein (@onceuponascreen)
Perrie Edwards- Skylar Higgins (@peytonparker18)
Amelia Zadro- Lowen Overtoom (@the-ravenclaw-princes)
Elle Fanning- Jordan Durdan (@trulydear)
Lauren de Graaf- Cadence "Cady" Cowan (@animationchic)
Adelaide Kane-Alexandria Reali (@punkette123)
Bonnie Wright-Elizabeth Prosper (@fiohelston)
Dodie Clark- Grace Fulsom (@series-ofdoors)
Alexis Ren- Mary Rose Daniels (@nika-love)
Georgie Henley- Katria Cassidy (@greekmythgeek)
Jennifer Lawrence- Daphne Parker (@queen-ella)
Amandla Stenberg-Florentina Rivera Castillo (@lycanthrope-misanthrope)
Natalia Dyer-Siobhan Byrne (@questing-witch)
Klariza Clayton-Winnie Driver (@puckleberryslushy)
Kaya Scodelario-Areine Mae Dimmesdale (@morningstar1399)
Nina Doberv-Regina Ravenclaw (@hobbitlover-2012)
Sabrina Carpenter- California Ramon (@pookie-0115)
Olivia Holt-Alyson "Ally" Holocomb (@fabulously-awesome7)
Bridgit Mendler-Shioh Faye Fredrick (@forver-young0001)
Holland Roden-Evanora Samantha Yale (@ameyzinha)
Emma Watson-Rosemarie "Rose" Paige (@bloodystilinski)
Ebbie Zingmakr-Devon Gallagher (@bainidhe)
Elizabeth Olsen-Ella Sinclair (@fangirlinc)
Scarlett Johnansson-Yasmin Ethera (@phaedra-solaris)
Caitlin Stasey-Elise Hughes (@harnix)
Lorde-Elena Argon (@i-love-cassandra-clare)
Selena Gomez-Jesse Delfino (@crazyaboutbooks1309)
Mila Kunis-Courage Cassidy (@gracedwithstyle)
Tia Naris-Magdalane Kopaska (@amyt1700)
Sophie Turner-Anmarie Fennry (@mysterious-gal)
Mary Cake-Alexandria Darkon-Blackwell (@trxpped-in-insxnity)
Melissa Benoist-Iris Kingsley (@clarylightwood)
Emily Rudd- Lydia Alaska Sanders (@secrets-kisses-lies-xo)
List of FC's for the mod's later use:
Channing Tatum
Julianne Hough
Denzel Washington
Rami Malek
Vanessa Williams
Anne Hathaway
Alex Pettyfer
Ariana Grande
Dove Cameron
Will Jay
Colton Hayes
Midston- TAKEN
St. George- TAKEN
Group Established: 11-14-2016

✮ ✯ Battle of the characters ✯ ✮

✮ ✯ Battle of the characters ✯ ✮

✧ Individual battle group, with 10 rounds
✧ Each member will represent of a character of their own choice. No repeats!
✧ Sets will be made around the character.
✧ Characters can be from anything
✧ There will be a strike system in place, if you miss 3 contests without telling me I will give your
place to someone else. X = A strike
✧ Auditions are first come first served, I do check when the set was published in some cases
✧ Auditions will remain open until the end on the first round
Auditions: CLOSED
Account name || Name || Character Name || = Points
@kurtifer || Kurt || Conner Kent (Superboy) || = 295
Strikes: XX
@forebodinq || Sabrina || Clark Kent || = 645
@morningstar1399 || Danielle || Dr. Spencer Reid || = 695
@nikkit13 || Nikki || The Doctor || = 635
@laniocracy || Lani || Dean Winchester || = 405
Strikes: X
@natasha-maree13 || Tasha || Christopher LaSalle || = 375
@clarylightwood || Neisha || Isabelle Lightwood || = 620
@sammisolace || Sammi || Tobias Eaton || = 350
Strikes: XX
@my-heart-is-art || Alaska || Steve Rogers || = 775
@littlekuriboh || Kara Danvers || = 570
@pie-epic || Smai || Katara || = 730
@nika-love || Nika || Poison Ivy || = 635

@purplexlittlexbear || Valerie || Remus Lupin || = 610
@margaery-stilinski || Angel || Tim Draka = 705
@policeinthebox || Mickey || Alec Lightwood = 545
@this-girl-on-fire || Chloe || Wanda Maximoff = 805
@musicfreakofnature || Kayleigh || Luna Lovegood = 485
@rosey-wolf-x || Sameen || Bucky Barnes = 825
@opaldusk || Wendy Marvell = 520
@emmantanz || Hermione Granger = 380
@this-galaxy-is-amazing || June Moone/Enchantress = 525
@geekfandom || Cemile || Oswald Cobblepot = 185
Strikes: XX
@lilrawr || Lily || Lenard Snart || = 515
@hxmiltrxsh || Crutchie || = 365
Strikes: X
@sheepish-wolf || Ivory || Nico di Angelo || = 150
@proudmudbloods || Yasmin || Santana Lopez || = 115

Group taglist: @kurtifer @slightlyterrified @forebodinq @morningstar1399 @nikkit13 @laniocracy @natasha-maree13 @clarylightwood @sammisolace @my-heart-is-art @ashheart16 @pie-epic @nika-love @purplexlittlexbear @margaery-stilinski @policeinthebox @this-girl-on-fire @musicfreakofnature @rosey-wolf-x @emmantanz @daughterofathena-ccc @this-galaxy-is-amazing @geekfandom @leonerrecappriccio @lilrawr @sheepish-wolf @proudmudbloods



A group of teens from Hebden Bridge, England have grown apart. Teens who used to be friends all through their lives up until high school. They grew apart, and joined different cliches. No longer setting on the castle on the hill they used to play with wooden swords in. Though one of their friends die from an overdôse. Sadly one of them finds out it was however on purpose. The group has to join together in order to find out who killed their friend. Leading them on one heck of an adventure.
- hailee steinfeld
- reece king
- birdy
- avan jogia
- ashley moore
- jeremy irvine
- cole sprouse
- liza khoshy
- logan lerman
- daria sidorchuk

Are We There Yet - GRP

Are We There Yet - GRP

plot credit to my co-mod ; @cryoatic
Congratulations! A friend or family member as submitted you to go on the journey of a life time! Pack your bags, because you and several others are road tripping it all the way from New York to sunny California! Who will survive the trip? Who will be at each other's throats immediately? See ya there!
- everyone must double one male and one female per person! only 2 people per person
- yes i added fcs, but YOU CAN CHANGE THEM!!
- respect the mods and all members of the group! this is your only warning and I will kick you out no hesitations!
- no Gary sues or Mary Sues... or whatever it's called! JUST NO PERFECT CHARACTERS! we all have flaws!
- do not goddmod aka control people's characters... it's annoying and nobody really wants that
- "100 bottles of coke on the wall"
- listen to what the mods say and don't bother fighting with us, it'll get you nowhere because we are always right!
- please be decent or okay with MA content! take sexual things to pm, but respect the person you rp wit over MA content. but yes murder, sèx, drûgs, etc will be mentioned
- most of all have fun and be active!
@thedaddyshow {mod}
@cryoatic {co-mod}